Usage Areas;

Premixed plaster for inside and outside, suitable for thermal insulation, sound absorption and dehumidification. It solves thermal bridge and mold caused by humidity, ensuring a healthy living space and a good living comfort. Moreover the product is a completely natural compound, ideal wherever the use of eco-friendly materials is required. It is used in place of rough cast on the surfaces such as brick-gas concrete and concrete-pumice blocks in the internal and external surfaces of buildings.

Application Details

The application surface is cleaned from dust, oil, paint and stains. The loose parts are removed mechanically until getting the solid ground. The absorbent and slippery surfaces should be primed with Hayper Concrete Primer. The strips that would determine the thickness of applied Hayperflex Thermal plaster are fixed on the wall.

Application Prohibitions

  • For application of the product, if the ambient temperature is below +5°C or above +30°C, the suitable conditions should be met.
  • Extremely hot, rainy or windy weather is not suitable for application.
  • The mixture starting to dry should not be mixed with water and new material.
  • The material should not be applied thicker than 3 cm. If necessary, the second layer is applied using a plaster mesh.
  • Any applications to be made on the top of the product should start at least 3 days later.