Usage Areas;

Swimming pools and waterproofing of drinking water tanks and reservoirs. For vertical and horizontal applications. Bridges & Sea walls. Waterproofing basement and cellars. Waterproofing of terraces, roofs and balconies. Water treatment facilities. Sewage treatment facilities including concrete tanks.

 Application Details

Concrete surfaces should be clean, sound and free from oil, grease, cement laitance and all loosely adhering particles. The surface should be in a saturated surface dry condition. Weak parts of concrete should be repaired, loose textures should be scrapped. Any cracks and fractures on the surface should be repaired with repair mortars carefully and the surface should be prepared. After the surface is ready, the primer should be applied. In open environments such as terraces, corners must be chamfered edges must be done horizontally or vertically at a 45 ° angle and made ready for insulation.

Application Prohibitions

  • Newly applied material should not be exposed to rain and frost for 24 hours.
  • Do not apply on wet and frozen surfaces.
  • It should not be applied in rainy and fog weather below + 10 ° C.
  • Observe the safety signs and warnings on the packaging.