Is a polyurethane based, two component, solvent-free coating which designed as primer for concrete and cement based surfaces. It is specially designed for humid or wet concrete surfaces (at least 7 days old). It provides fast curing and toxic free surface, as well as being solvent-free (zero VOC/Volatile Organic Components).

Usage Areas;

Used as primer over metal surfaces, galvanized metal, aluminum, marble. It is used as primer on Plastered and coated surfaces. Can be used over wood surfaces as primer. It can be used in application environments with insufficient ventilation conditions. It can be used as primer over bitumen and asphalt based membrane. It can be used as non-polyurethane based systems such as acrylic paints.

Application Details

For Concrete & Cement Surfaces: Remove scum layer and loose matter to a hard, rough and uniform surface, preferably by abrasive blasting, possibly by other mechanical treatment or acid etching. Apply the products in a thin layer by roller, brush, or airless spray.

For metal and PVC and wood surfaces please contact technical department in Hayperflex for application details.

Application prohibitions

Newly applied material should not be exposed to rain and frost for 24 hours.

– It should not be applied in rainy and foggy weather and in temperature below + 5 °C.

– Do not apply on wet and frozen surfaces.

– Ensure that the temperature of the material is between (+) 15 ° and (+) 25 ° C before mixing.

– Mix component A for two minutes by low speed mixer and then keep mixing with adding component B and mix for three minutes. Apply the product directly.