Usage Areas;

The products is designed to be used on indoor and dry environments, and it can be used in residential buildings, hospitals, education facility buildings and for shopping malls and markets. It is also level the surface in 3 – 10 mm thickness before laying ceramic, granites, marble, hardwood, parquet, laminate, carpet and PVC covering.


Application Details

Special attention must be given that the application surface is cured. The Application Surface must be clear of material prevent bonding such dust, oil, paint, silicone and curing agents and detergents. The surface must be sound, dry and free from cracks. The deference of level on the surface must be determined with tools such as water level and other leveling instruments. Prime the surfaces with Hayperflex Acrylic Concentrated Primer to increase resistance to absorbency or smoothness.

Application Prohibitions

  • Avoid application in temperatures below +5 C° and above + 35°C
  • Avoid application on frozen areas under risk of freezing in 24 hours or on areas open to direct sunlight or wind.
  • Never attempt to expired mortar by adding powder and water.
  • Prevent the material to dry too quickly
  • Wait at least 3 days for covering the surface.
  • Do not apply outdoor and in industrial areas.
  • Do not apply on wet floors or floors that exposed to moisture.
  • In floor heating systems heating should be turned off 24 hours before the application and turned on 72 hours after the application.