Usage Areas;

Concrete, masonry, cement rendering, and natural stones.

Application Details

For professional use only. Surface must be clean, dry and free from traces of dirt, grease, oil, dust, organic growth and any other contaminate that may interfere with the penetration or reaction of the Aquatic Shield. Surface temperatures must be above 40°F/4°C and remain above 40°F/4°C for a minimum of 24 hours. Use as supplied. Do not dilute with water or any other solvents. Always apply a test patch in an inconspicuous area and confirm the results are acceptable for continuing. Use this test patch to determine adequate coverage levels. Protect greenery from over spray.

Aquatic Shield is best applied with a low pressure sprayer. A common garden sprayer is adequate for most jobs. Airless spray equipment is more efficient for larger projects. Can also be applied by mop, flooding and squeegee, broom, brush or roller. Apply two coats at the recommended rates of coverage.  Do not allow product to pool on the substrate surface.

IMPORTANT: treated surfaces will begin to develop water repellency soon after the initial application of Aquatic Shield has dried. Since Aquatic Shield is water-based it is necessary to apply the second coat immediately after the first coat is dry, so that the second coat will not be repelled by the first. This may mean that large projects will need to be   completed in sections.

Application Prohibitions

Not effective on non-silica substrates; do not use on vinyl, asphalt, metals and painted or sealed surface. Maximum water resistance will be attained once the chemical reaction is complete, typically 4-7 days. Limited repellency to oil not recommended for constant immersion.  Over coating with paints or sealers is not recommended.