Usage Areas;

In swimming pools and water tanks. For metal water tanks. For water channels, dams, and ponds. In water treatment tanks.

Application Details

For Concrete surfaces: All surfaces (new or old) must be clean, dry and free from grease and oil, laitance, curing compounds, form board release agents and any other contaminants which may impair adhesion of the product. Remove any residual paint with paint stripper, scraping, grinding and/or sand blasting to achieve a clean surface , for new concrete surfaces must have “cured” for at least 28 days and should be porous, and of a light broom finish to ensure maximum adhesion between base coat and concrete. Diamond disk grinding is necessary and use the surface should be sealed with suitable primer.

Over Ceramic surfaces: the surface of ceramic must be clean, dry and free from oils or grease.

Application Prohibitions

  • Avoid application in temperatures below +5°C and above +35°C.
  • Avoid application on frozen areas, on areas under risk of freezing in 24 hours or on areas open to direct sunlight or wind.