Usage Areas;

The product can be used indoor and outdoor, Negative and positive waterproofing of concrete surfaces such as basement curtains, Water storage tanks, swimming pools, Vertical and horizontal applications , curtain walls, Uncoated surfaces such as brick, gas concrete, pumice ,  Used in reinforced concrete pipes.


Application Details

Dry floors, the concrete surface should be moistened. Liquid component is poured into an empty bucket and powder component is poured slowly and mixed until it is homogeneous. The prepared mixture is applied to the surface with a hard brush in 2 coats. The second coat should be applied before the first coat is completely dry.  The prepared mortar should be used within 20-30 minutes. The application of each layer should be perpendicular to the previous one, and should be completed at one time. Allow to dry between coats (minimum 3 hours) but no longer than 24 hours.

Application Prohibitions

  • Avoid application in temperatures below +5°C and above +35°C.
  • Avoid application on frozen areas, on areas under risk of freezing in 24 hours or on areas open to direct sunlight or wind.
  • Never attempt to extend the expired mortar by adding powder and water. To maintain the consistency of the mortar during the application mix it often.
  • The degree of formation of crystal and penetration depends on the density of the concrete and the absorbency of the surface.


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