Is one component polymer modified water based primer. The product is used on concrete and cement surfaces to increase the adhesion of plaster surfaces over old plaster or over ceramic. The product can be used interiorly and exteriorly and can be top coated with all kind of cement plasters, thermal plasters, all kind of insolation coating.

Usage Areas;

It can be used as primer for cement plaster over concrete and as primer under cement based mortar application. And also can be used as primer over concrete surfaces for all kinds of water based waterproofing paints. And water based cement based waterproofing primer.

Application Details

The surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, laitance, dirt, grease and oil.

Application Prohibitions

– Newly applied material should not be exposed to rain and frost for 24 hours.

– It should not be applied in rainy and foggy weather and in temperature below + 5 °C.

– Do not apply on wet and frozen surfaces.