Usage Areas;

It is used as protection coat in 3D epoxy flooring systems and also it can be used as a protection coat over decorative metallic and pearl epoxies.

Application Details

Over 3D pictures: Make sure that you are using the correct kind of printing material that epoxy can stick on it. Clean the surface with warm water using cotton fabric and it is very important to change the fabric every 5 Square meter. Use 1 kg from each Square meters for 1 mm thickness.

Over decorative metallic and pearl epoxy: make sure that the application take place during the curing time of metallic and pearl coating and it exceeded that duration sanding must be done and then apply the product.

Application Prohibitions

Use only where application and drying can proceed at temperatures above: 10°C/50°F. The temperature of paint itself should be 15°C/59°F or above. Apply only on a dry and clean surface with a Temperature above the dew point to avoid condensation. In confined spaces provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Coated surfaces should be protected from moisture for 4-6 hours after application. Moisture may whiten the surface or/and make it sticky. It may also disturb hardening. Faded or sticky layers in parts of the surface should be removed by grinding or milling and laid again.


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