It is an isocyanate based, two component, solvent borne, UV resistant, glossy top coating which is scratch resistant and have high color stability and have high mechanical abrasion resistant. The product is none yellowing and UV resistance. The product have high resistant to atmospheric conditions. The product have very good gloss retention. The product have very good scratch resistance. The product have very good resistance to salt water, solutions with salts,  diluted weak acids, gasoline and mineral oils. Easy to apply with an airless spray gun or roller. Easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface.


Usage areas:

Indoor and outdoor application. Horizontal and vertical applications. It can be used on concrete, steel and wooden surfaces. As a topcoat in places open to atmospheric conditions where high UV resistance, color stability and glossiness is required. As protection over epoxy systems for outdoor uses.

Application Details:

Please contact Hayperflex technical department for more information about surface preparation according to the surface you’re painting. The curing agent of the product is sensitive to moisture. Even small traces of water in the mixed paint will reduce the pot life and result in film defects. Open curing agent cans with caution as overpressure might exist. Store in a dry place and keep the can tightly closed until use. Contact Technical department for Primer to be used according to the surface you’re painting.

Application prohibitions:

  • Avoid application in temperatures below +5°C and above +35°C.
  • Avoid application on frozen areas, on areas under risk of freezing in 24 hours or on areas open to direct sunlight or wind.