Who are We?

With more than 20 years’ experience, ALVO Company produces technical solutions for waterproofing problems and floor coating systems.  One of our most important goals that we set in mind is to provide scientific and economic solutions that suit all geographical and climatic regions around the world.

In order to achieve our goal, we have provided within the work teams we have the necessary technical and technological expertise and have been supported by all technical means of production and quality control to reach the highest quality standards that suit all global and local markets.

The core of our work is to find products that can protect our homes and vital facilities from erosion and keep them from generation to generation.

We have always put the focus of our songs on caring for the environment through the use of natural materials that are not harmful to health or nature. We are also striving to find sources of raw materials that help achieve this goal.

We have been constantly keen to obtain all international quality certificates in addition to obtaining many of our products scientific certificates confirming their effectiveness within the field used.

Our future goals are always focused on ensuring that our products are commensurate with the needs of the global and local market, whether economically or technically, in order to provide a selection of products for;

–           Waterproofing paints

–           Floor coating systems

–           Thermal insulation systems

–           Protective coating.

Our Vision

To provide full satisfaction by constantly improving our products and services in line with our clients needs;

To maintain our quality and to improve our products efficiency;

To reach new regions and markets, create new clients in the sector of building chemical;

Continuous improvement for perfection in terms of workers health and safety and environmental protection;

To support our employees development to keep their potential at the highest level, to increase their participation, with a principled, responsible and motivated leadership approach to make our institution constantly successful today and in the future;

Supporting and developing flexible team works that can meet the needs in line with changing economic conditions;

To be one of the leading companies of our country and internationally in the production of Construction Chemicals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a globally active company, preferred by its material reliability, product variety and service quality, while providing the highest quality professional service possible to our existing customers, partners and contractors.

At the same time, to create a business environment where education, creativity, respect, job security and personal development are adopted as the main principles.

Our Quality Policy

To ensure that our company is manufacturing with a reliable, fast, and dynamic mentality along with an appropriate work ethic and expectations of our customers in developing technology and world norms.

To plan and apply the essential activities by targeting high efficiency.

To maximize the staff qualification by continuous training activities.

To achieve the best position in the industry by enhancing the effectiveness of our quality management system and customer satisfaction.

Our company maintains its success in the industry with world-class quality.